We Were Done With Ineffective Meetings

And sick of asking the same old questions
  • Why do messages so rarely stick?
  • Why aren’t meetings more engaging?
  • When did meetings become lectures?


Long lectures, uncomfy seats, one-way conversations and all that sitting around seemed like an unlikely recipe for success.

Important Information Gets Lost

Did you know 16 out of 20 slides are forgotten?

A recent study of over 1,500 participants concluded that, on average, people remember 4 PowerPoint slides out of 20 after 48 hours.

Worse still, after a couple more days retention rates declined even more. By then:

  • Audiences remember only 10% of the content,
  • And the 10% that one person remembers typically differs from the 10% another person remembers


Even At Manager Level, The Statistics Are Grim

An MIT study concluded that the same retention problems persist, much to the surprise of executives

The survey of 8,000 managers in 250 corporations found that only 55% of managers could name a single one of their company’s top five priorities. This was a big surprise to executives.

This video explains why strategic objectives are poorly understood:

Can’t see the video? Click here

Not To Get Too Technical, But It’s All To Do With Cognitive Filters

The average person has sat through 1,000 PowerPoint presentations before

It’s not that we have a problem with PowerPoint specifically, but Cognitive Filters mean that when we think we’ve seen or heard something before, we tune out. Rather than really listen to what a person is saying, we draw on our existing knowledge bank and connect the dots in ways we think make sense. Even if they’re different to what’s being said.


To overcome Cognitive Bias, we have to truly experience our information, not just hear it.

Luckily, There’s A Solution And It’s Called Active Learning

Active Learning is the process of using activities to spark discussion and group work to bolster audience engagement and enhance learning

The National Academy of Sciences concluded that Active Learning makes student failure rates plummet by 35 % compared to traditional lectures. This was the largest and most comprehensive review of the effect of Active Learning in education, and there’s plenty more research that praises this process. Read the full article in Wired here.


Active Learning Puts The “Learning Pyramid” To Work

American Educationist Edgar Dale’s pyramid rates the effectiveness of the various methods of learning


The Implications For Corporate Communications Are Immense

We think Donald Sull (the guy from the MIT video) says it best:

“If executives really want their strategies to be understood they should focus less on their PowerPoint slides and more on how they structure and lead discussions in the organization”

Armed With This Intel, We Decided To Do Things Differently

We steer clear of PowerPoint Marathons or Bandana Bonanzas
  • WE ENGAGE: We embed active listening, two-way communication and immersive participation
  • WE INSPIRE: We use proven gamification techniques and challenges
  • WE UNDERSTAND: We deliver premium content, tailored to clients’ needs

We Design Workshops, Business Games And Team Building Activities

Powered by the latest technology, our formats capture and engage employees on an entirely new level

We’re continuing to develop new products and IP, but for now, there are three main components to our offer.


1. Workshops & Business Games

These ready-to-roll products can help crack any challenge


When you gamify or workshop a challenge, you get better results, faster. These products work for small or large teams (from a huddle of six to a group of thousands) and are designed to crack a variety of challenges. From rolling out a new communication strategy to embedding corporate values, here’s a snapshot of some of our powerful products:

  • Customer Centricity Workshop: Learn to think like your clients, and become indispensable to them
  • Core Values Business Game: Make your company’s core values stick
  • Goals and Activities Workshop: Embed organizational goals and kickstart action planning
  • Deadline: Experience the importance of planning and attention to detail
  • Sustainability Business Game: Turn your sustainability policy into reality
  • Cooperation Workshop: Drum up collaboration and cooperation within teams

2. Team Building Activities

Our off-the-shelf games are designed to make people talk, think and connect in new ways

Teams that play together slay together. When teams have fun, the conversation flows. They start speaking up and sharing views, ideas, insights and opinions. And that’s what makes a good team great.


Each year, we send over 500 teams off on extraordinary, thrilling and memorable group experiences. Similarly to our workshops and business games, we use the latest technology (including sleek, fast tablets) and work with teams of any size.

Our arsenal is loaded with riveting games like:

  • The Green Hat Challenge: Our top seller comes loaded with 100 creative challenges, designed just for teams
  • The Dinner Game: Kickstart a team dinner with this effective ice breaker
  • The Exploration Challenge: Discover and explore a new city in a mesmeric new way
  • The Code Hunt: Energize and electrify employees with this quick urban challenge
  • Wheel & Deal: Beat the energy levels of Wall Street with our captivating trading game

3. Bespoke Experiences

We deliver custom-designed solutions for challenges of all shapes and sizes

MP War Room_2

We sit down with our clients and design creative, effective solutions to their most complex Internal communication and employee engagement challenges. To date, we’ve helped our clients overcome some of their most intimidating obstacles, including:

  • Communicate status and future goals
  • Truly understand benefits of a new strategy
  • Develop a ”one company” mindset
  • Discover and explore new company headquarters
  • Educate and welcome new employees to the company
  • Efficient and Creative Brain Storming

Here’s What We Look Like In Action

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

97 % Would Recommend Us To Others

In one of our recent studies, we asked our clients if they would recommend our interactive meetings to others that were planning a conference.

graph asked clients

It’s All About Happy Clients

At the end of the day, this is how we know we’re doing a good job

”Fun, interactive and very inspiring”

– Elisabeth Carlén, Senior Service Specialist, Zurich

”Exciting, modern, future oriented and signals change”

– Peter Bodin, CEO, Grant Thornton Sweden

”I have never experienced so many people spontaneously coming up to me and telling me how great the day was and how fun it was to work in groups during the two hours that the experience lasted.”

– Herman von Greiff, Country Manager and Sales Director, Sweden at Basware

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