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We’re looking for partners who want to build their own business but still be part of a large network.

This site will offer you a simple step-by-step process by which you’ll understand what it means to obtain your own exclusive area development license in one of our regions.

Who are we?

Established in 2006, Green Hat People run a new type of corporate events – smart, immersive and interactive meetings for companies that want to maximise Employee Engagement. Green Hat People specialises in designing dynamic and challenging Interactive Workshops, Business Games and Team Activities.

What we’ve got

A turnkey concept with 15 off-the-shelf products to supercharge corporate meetings. Our gamified concept excels in driving engagement. It is based on proven methodology that combines gamification techniques, off-the-shelf products and proprietary technology.

What’s in it for you?

This is your chance to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and own a thriving, future proof business in your region. By getting access to the latest technology, proprietary content and a growing network, you can build a business that is not dependent on you as an individual.

Working with us gives you:

• 15 turnkey concepts
• Continuous Product development
• Continuous Concept development
• Continuous Tech development
• Exclusive rights to a region
• Business Advise and Technical support
• Best practices from all offices
• website
• Sales & Marketing material
• Brands

Why join Green Hat People?

We believe the future belongs to companies that can combine the latest technology with proprietary content. We offer you both. When you become a Green Hat People Area Developer, you gain a strong head start in a future proof business with a truly engaging and modern offering. And our job is to help you realise this potential.

Some of the client challenges that we solve

“We need everyone to truly live our values, not just read about them”
“We want our top 140 managers aligned and excited by our new strategy”
”We need our 900 employees to feel we’re one company”
“We want to educate and energize our team!”

Why we stand out

Our strength lies in our ability to customize our work to clients’ needs. We create a bespoke experience based on one of our product templates or previous cases from our vault of over 500 case studies across Europe. No matter the objective, our games deliver results. 

About us

7 – bases in London, Stockholm, Barcelona, Johannesburg, Copenhagen, Oslo, Malmö
15 – countries we operate in
500 – case studies in our vault
1500 – meetings improved each year
800,000 – people impacted globally

We’ll take you through what we do and why we do it, our company history and track record, a description of who we are looking for and details on what it means to become an area developer. You’ll understand exactly how to earn money while having fun and making a real difference for people around you.

Ready for a new venture?

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