Step 5: Content & Technology How Our Games And Workshops Are Built

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The Basis Of All Our Interactive Setups

We All Want Engagement and Efficient Communication

When we asked 200 event planners and managers what the main purpose of a corporate event was, 85 % answered either Engagement or Communication, or both.

Our way of measuring how well we succeed with engagement and communication is by measuring the level of energy exchanged between conference participants, i.e. how much they talk and interact with each other. Let us explain why this is so important.


1. People Learn More From Talking Than They Do From Listening

First, interestingly enough, having people talk to each other about a topic (two-way communication) is a far more effective way of communicating information than telling a person something (one-way communication).

Research shows that this is because our individual cognitive filters are so strong that we have often decided what we want to hear before we hear it. So letting people put their own words to what they have understood, and countering those words with further explanation, is a really effective way of reaching understanding.

The American educationist Edgar Dale designed a simple representation of this called The Learning Pyramid, and although many argue that the percentages aren't scientifically accurate, most agree that retention rates increase in that order:


2. Sitting Down All Day Isn't Engaging

This part doesn't need much explanation. Most would agree that workshops, games and game-like processes are more engaging than passive listening, and the level of engagement is quite well represented by the level of conversation in the room.

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The Technology

We've developed all the technology needed to provide our services in-house. Specifically, our technical platform enables us to:

  • Provide an excellent end user experience
  • Create and adapt interactive, gamified concepts that meet the needs of demanding clients
  • Engage event participants in a simple, intuitive and engaging way before, during and after an event
  • Give event managers efficient tools to properly supervise and control events
  • Enable proper evaluation of performed events

While catering to these areas our absolute requirement is that of security. We only employ the technologies we feel give our customers the kind of stability and security they can expect when participating in a Green Hat People event. We are continuously improving and further developing our system, adding features and technologies when we feel they are stable and secure enough for our usage model.

Press Play To See A Video Describing How The Platform Works In Detail:

Our Team Building Activities

Games Are Rocket Fuel For Creating Conversation

Why do serious, high-level executives engage in fun-filled challenges with their colleagues, during office hours?

Exploration Challenge (37)

The reason is simple, games and fun things help us loosen up and get the conversation going. Once the conversation is going, people start speaking up, sharing views and insights and letting others know what they think, and that's exactly what we're after.

Our Games Unlock Creativity, Energy And Invaluable Camaraderie

We believe many things help when it comes to getting the conversation going. Bowling, darts, beer or walks in the forest, you name it, most things do the trick.

But we don't stop there; we want high levels of energy, creativity and action. And nothing beats a really good game.

An Example - The Exploration Challenge

Combine Strategic Problem Solving With Sightseeing

In the Exploration Challenge, teams are challenged to visit 10 major landmarks across a city. Once they get to one of the locations, they automatically receive a number of missions related to that spot – group pictures, code hunts and fun trivia.

Exploration Challenge (11)

While traveling to the landmarks, the groups are also constantly bombarded with fun missions on their tablet to further boost their score.

Time is of essence

There isn’t time to visit all the locations, so the challenge lies in planning the optimal route. Do you go for the far away spots with high points? Or the nearby ones worth fewer points?

Regardless of the strategy, all teams get to see the highlights while having fun getting there!

Exploration Challenge (13)

Our Workshops and Business Games

Do You Recognize These Challenges?
  • “We need everyone to truly live our values, not just read about them”
  • “We want our top 140 managers aligned and excited by our new strategy”
  • ”We need to connect 900 employees and make them feel as one company”
Only 55 % Percent Of Managers Can Name 1 Of 5 Top Priorities

Connecting and communicating with your employees isn't easy.

Research at MIT has concluded that only 55 % of managers in companies could name even one of their company's top five priorities.

Watch this video where MIT professor Donald Sull explains why strategic objectives are poorly understood and that managers should focus less on their PowerPoints and more on how they structure and lead discussions on what strategy is and what it means for them and their teams:


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We Engage Your People And Measure What's Been Understood

Our workshops and business games are all about creating a discussion among employees about what the leadership wants the organization to understand and live by.


Our gamified approach leads to high levels of discussion and engagement, and our tabs and interactive tools help the leadership get a clear understanding of what people have understood so that higher levels of understanding can be reached.


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An Example - Goals And Activities Workshop

1. Videos and humor gears focus in the right direction

The workshop is initiated by a number of both entertaining and serious videos that shed light on the importance of goal setting and tangible activities that lead to goal-attainment.


A guided discussion exercise enables individuals to help each other understand the What and the Why with regards to organizational goals.

2. Have They Understood? Our Dialogue Tools Will Give You The Answer

Throughout the exercise, teams are asked to write summaries and clarifications of their discussions and send them in using the Tablet. Management looks through incoming answers during the workshop, leading to a guided dialogue held from stage in the middle of the workshop.

If necessary, discussions are initiated in order to reach better consensus and understanding.

3. Think In Terms Of Activities, Not Results

Puzzles and quizzes are used to train and teach the teams in understanding the difference between Goals (the result of my work) and Activities (my work, what I do).


Individuals are asked to write down activities that they can get going with once back at work, and interesting activities are noted and fed back to the audience from stage.

4. Brainstorm

Finally, the teams engage in creative idea generation and are asked to send their best ideas using the tablet.

Our Bespoke Experiences

Clients that have experienced our packaged games and workshops are usually hungry for more, and the typical way to prolong the relationship is to start digging in to their real challenges and building unique concepts based on unique challenges.

Everything Can Easily Be Altered And Tailored

We've designed a flexible workshop and game building tool that enables our consultants to create new games and workshops or adapt existing ones. A Customer Centricity Workshop can for instance be changed to emphasize the learning part of the workshop over discussion, or an Exploration Challenge can be mixed with a Valuation Game, so that teams solve the business related dilemmas while playing the city game.

MP War Room_2

The sky is truly the limit here. One example of what we've done is designing a unique gamified setup for Electrolux:

One Of Many Examples - "New At Electrolux"

Electrolux wanted to create a standardized, more engaging way to educate and welcome new employees to the company.

Tablets Guide Participants To Different Stations


Electrolux gathered 60 new employees and divided them into teams of 6 participants. Each team was equipped with a pre-programmed Tablet that guided them to the different stations on exact times and in perfect synchronization with other teams.

Dialogue And Gamification Means Efficient Information Sharing

In each room, a presentation was held on a specific topic. Since all rooms were active simultaneously, the large group could be divided into sub-groups that were given a closer contact with speakers and products exhibited in the stands. This closer contact enables a question/answer-dialogue between speakers and audience that makes communication much more efficient and engaging.


Also, the tablets triggered engaging quizzes and game-like questionnaires that put knowledge to the test and laid the basis for an entertaining experience.

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