Step 8: The Norwegians The Norwegian Success Story

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How to build a successful business

The Word Spread To Norway

In 2012, word of Green Hat People had spread from Stockholm to Oslo, and a Norwegian-based entrepreneur involved in the events industry reached out to us.

A few months later, a Norwegian company was registered, Interactive Games AS, and an Area Development License agreement was signed in January 2013 covering greater Oslo with 1.1 million inhabitants.

Norwegian Sales Projected to £520,000 in 2015

The Norwegian Area Developer has shown strong sales in the first half of 2015, already surpassing the total sales of 2014 and projecting a close to 60 % annual increase to almost £400,000 in 2015.

sales norway

Keys To Success in 2015

Business Games and Workshops Not Initiated until Mid-2014

At the time of the signing of the License Agreement, our full product portfolio was under development in Sweden and not ready for launch. As seen in the figure, the Norwegian branch did not start selling these products until mid-2014 which led to slower growth during the first and second year.

Successful Event Marketing Campaign in April 2015 - Byens Beste Byrå

Following a successful joint marketing campaign between Green Hat People Sweden and the chain of conference venues, Choice, in Stockholm, the Oslo office was recommended to initiate plans for a replicate of the event to be held in Oslo.


Byens Beste Byrå was a networking event where Green Hat People and Choice created a competition between the 33 event agencies in Oslo, based on our Team Building Activity The Green Hat Challenge and named it "The Best Agency in Town".

Facebook Used As Main Communications Platform

By triggering the event agencies with classical competitive slogans, the Oslo office managed to get all 33 event agencies to join in the competition.

A Facebook Group was created where the teams published pictures and videos before and after the event leading to high levels of engagement and the spreading of Green Hat People as a brand to all stakeholders.

best byrå

Inquiries For Thousands Were Immediately Received By Green Hat People Oslo

The competition immediately led to inquiries from several event agencies wanting to deliver games and workshops to their clients. Quotes for thousands of participants were sent during the days immediately after the event.

Size of the Oslo Territory

Greater Oslo has a population of approx. 1,400,000 inhabitants and a GDP of approx. $74,000 million.

The table below serves as a reference to other cities:

table gdp


"We're only seeing the tip of the iceberg"

Testimonial by Area Developer Knut Skille, Oslo


"I've been working in the events industry for 15 years and have never come across anything as powerful as the Green Hat People product offerings.

The team building activities were easily sold from the start and the more advanced products, especially the business games, are attracting a lot of attention and are proving to be easily sold and wonderfully simple to adapt and deliver.

As an Area Developer, I'm leading a highly profitable enterprise where we can arrange extremely valuable activities for our clients at minimal work from our part. The products are well thought through, nicely packaged, tried and tested and of very high quality.

I sincerely think that we're only seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these types of offerings in Oslo. The events industry over here is really longing for new, fresh and exciting content, and the products and services that we can offer are so far ahead of the competition that it feels like we can keep on going for a long time."

Sales Growth - Projections For The Future

Our estimate is that the sales distribution in Oslo will start mirroring the development in Stockholm within a year.

In Stockholm, the team building activities have leveled off during the past 3 years, but the workshops have grown and surpassed the team building activities and the business games are showing a steep increase.

stockholm percentage of total sales

The Oslo Market should reach approx. 70 % of the Stockholm market based on it's size and GDP, so a sales increase to approx. £560,000 is projected for 2016.

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