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Green Hat People helps organisations launch and embed Culture and Values in a fun and measurable way, using games, apps, workshops and the latest technology. Every launch is unique so we always customise to meet your objectives and needs. Our solutions can be ready to deploy in 1-2 weeks depending on complexity.

Core Values Game

Abstract becomes tangible

Values are difficult to communicate. We help you make the values more tangible and connect them to your employees’ every day work life in an engaging way.

Why a game?

We believe that a game is the best way to communicate values. Lively group discussions help people align their views of what the values actually mean. Game mechanisms really facilitate this.

How the game works

The game is run in groups of 3-6 people using laptops, smart phones or tablets and a game board. Choose to let our staff run the game for you or deliver it yourself.

There are a three main categories in the game, including quizzes and dilemmas to provoke intense group discussions. The game takes between 60-75 minutes of active game time.

Case studies and dilemmas

The backbone of the game is a number of realistic case studies that are customised to your reality. When the values are set in the participants’ own context, the understanding is much higher. We have a data bank of +100 case studies for your inspiration.


We insert fun quizzes that act as “sorbet between meals”. This brings out laughter and let people bond.

Group discussion

To get people aligned in their interpretation, we ask lots of questions about the values, the behaviours and the organisation. This data is used in the debrief.

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What makes Core Values Game different?

live launch experts

A new, engaging way of communicating

In contrast to PowerPoint presentations or traditional analogue business games, our Core Values exercise provides a modern, dynamic solution that staff really enjoy taking part in.

The game is highly customisable to your unique culture and can easily be rolled out across your organisation.

Technology drives the game

The game is digital to the core, and run using tablets or laptops. You can adapt the game easily and create slightly different versions for different teams, functions or locations. We can also help translate the game into any language.

proprietary technology
data & analytics

Debrief using live data

As soon as the game starts, all the answers to the questions we pose on the tablets come in live to our servers. The data feed is very user friendly and is designed for quick analysis. During the game you spend time choosing the bits you think are important and can prepare for the debrief that takes place right afterwards. During debrief, the data can be shown on a screen and really helps to drive good discussions, sharing of best practices and reinforcement of your message. We recommend adding another 10-20 minutes for debrief.

Branded Game Board

We like combining low tech and high tech. Most of our clients use a game board that visually takes the players through the game. Having something tangible to gather around improves the experience.

How we can help

12 years of insights

With more than 1,000,000 participants, we know what works and what doesn’t. We help you find a solution catered to your needs.

Off-the-shelf Modules

We offer a wide range of off-the-shelf games, workshops, surveys and dashboards, all designed to facilitate an engaging launch and implementation.

live launch experts

Live launch experts

We have a vast experience of helping clients deliver their message in a very engaging way at meetings and events.

scalable distribution

Scalable distribution

Want to roll-out the values to the entire organisation? Our tech platform enables you to deliver on your own, in a cost efficient way.

data & analytics

Data & Analytics

We help setup dashboards so you can follow your launch in real time. Track participation rates, engagement levels, and compare what people think across countries, divisions, teams, functions etc.

proprietary technology

Proprietary Technology

All our tech is developed in-house, and designed for one specific purpose – to enable you to launch and implement your initiatives in the best possible way.

personal support throughout project

Personal support throughout your project

Our staff will do their utmost to help you succeed. Either on the ground to help out with live events, or remotely to support a self-delivered roll-out.

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What a typical launch could look like

Prelaunch Webapp

Get your staff thinking about the Culture & Values by sending a web app a few days before the launch. It lets you pose questions to your staff in a fun and simple way, while also creating buzz and excitement. By asking the right questions, you get a good understanding of their level of awareness and perceived challenges. The base data is also vital when you start tracking progress of your launch over time. Run it on smart phones or laptops, with no download required. Simply email a link to staff.

Values Launch Workshop for Managers

Getting buy-in from your managers is vital to a successful launch. Our 1/2 day workshop format ensures just that.

The first step is to get full understanding of the “Why”. How will the values help your organisation reach its goals? The second step is to get alignment from everyone around what the values actually mean, by playing the Core Values Game in small teams. After that, we move over to getting personal commitment from every individual. We help them set personal goals, plan necessary actions and provide an app to track progress.

Organisation wide roll-out

We have a long experience of facilitating roll-outs, nationally and globally. The games can easily be run self managed by you, as a road show or with remote support. Choose whatever suits you; laptops, smart phones or tablets. Distribution is simple – just email a link.

We also offer a Roll-out Toolkit and “train the trainer” workshops to help managers succeed with the implementation.

The entire roll-out can can be tracked live on dashboards for you to see progress over time.


Every launch is different and we always help you tailor the game to fit your organisation. We have lots of templates and examples to make this easy and to save you time.

For organisation with a diverse workforce, we can help create a set of different versions of the game.

What you get out of the game

– Increased awareness by communicating the values in a fun and engaging way

– Full alignment of what the values actually mean in practice

– Live data on dashboards to help you understand what staff think and feel, how they interpret the values and what actions need to be taken next


How long is the game?

Around 1.5 hours excluding debrief, but it can be adapted

Can we run the game self managed?

Yes, ask for our DIY solutions

What is the lead time?

Around 1-2 weeks

Is there a minimum cost?

Yes, projects start from £3000

Is there a minimum number of participants?

No, but we have a minimum cost

What technology is used?

Webapps, tablets, laptops – depending on location and need

Our offering – Full programme or stand-alone modules


Assess current status and create a plan for embedding the Culture and Values

  • Align the senior mgmt team
  • Run a Culture & Values Survey
  • Define the right KPI's

Launch or Reignite

Launch and roll-out the Values with engaging games and workshops.

  • Core values game
  • Roll-out package
  • Track live on dashboards

Bring to life

Bring the Values to life using the latest technology, micro learning and gamification mechanisms.

  • Behaviours workshops
  • Dilemmas & Case studies
  • Scalable micro learning format


Help new staff understand your Business, Culture & Values from day one.

  • Self-delivered Game
  • Team Bonding Activities
  • ``Live the Culture`` Booster App

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