Escape Game: Lockdown

60 minutes of challenges and teamwork – can be played anywhere

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Lockdown is an immersive and interactive mobile Escape Game

1 hours
From £35 p.p

A hacker has locked your company files.
Can you unlock them in 60 minutes?

How the game works

In the game, the players are bombarded with tricky missions of various types, that can be solved sequentially or in parallel. As the teams progress, more levels are opened up with increasing difficulty. The aim is to crack challenges, collect letters and solve the final challenge to escape the room.

The storyline – You have been hacked

A group of hackers have managed to break into your servers and lock down all your corporate files. They threaten to erase it all in 60 minutes. But the hackers are not motivated by cash, their agenda is more philosophical. If you and your teams prove your worth, they might relent.

Tablet based

The game is played in groups of 3-6 participants.  Carefully selected to blow the minds of your gamers, each mission is communicated through high-tech tablets and various props.

What you get out of this team building activity

Escape Room is a great way to test your skills and apply teamwork against the clock. Players have to use their logical thinking, intelligence, dexterity and observation skills to make their way out! So players, be ready to use your detective minds and your powers of deduction to escape. Be aware it can be highly addictive!

Tailor the game

We can tailor the activity by embedding your corporate-specific theme. It can be intangible things like your strategy, values, diversity or a more practical connection to your business. This is a great way to add business value while making the experience even more engaging.

Escape Game can be played anywhere and does not require an individual room for each team.


Where: Escape Game can be played anywhere and does not require an individual room for each team.
Time: 60 minutes
Group: Any number of participants
Price: Standard game £35 pp, minimum cost £1000. Custom game £55 pp, minimum cost £2000.
How: The players are divided into teams of up of 3-5 people and the aim is to collect as many points as possible. The game is all digital so progress can be tracked on a live leaderboard.

Discounts are offered for multiple bookings per day. Our staff will take care of everything. Our pre-programmed tablets are used on site. Our staff take care of everything, including introduction and awards and will bring the tablets pre-programmed.

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Can we run the game in the office?

Yes, the game can be run anywhere.

Who is this game suitable for?

This activity is fun for everyone as the missions come with great variation. If you prefer to be outside, look at our outdoor games.

Can we cancel the team activity?

Under certain circumstances yes. Please ask for our cancellation policy.

How can we tailor the game?

We can tailor the game to any topic, please ask us for examples.

Is the team building game an app we download ourselves?

No, we provide tablets with the game already downloaded.

Can the activity be run in the evening?

Yes, we are happy to help out after office hours.

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