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Make your corporate mingle a fun experience

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Around 1 hour
50-2000 pax
£20pp - minimum cost £2000

Want to make your mingle more social?

We help your staff get to know each other in an easy going way

A lot of people are scared of mingles, they prefer to stick to their colleagues, and avoid making conversations with strangers. What if the mingle was a fun experience, with everyone engaged and more talkative?

The Mingle Game lets people interact with each other in a fun way. Teams of five compete in a series of short, fun activities, all while interacting with other teams. The aim is to collect points and win by working well together and meet new people.

Mingle Game works like this

Each team is provided with a tablet that facilitates the game, keeps track of the score and uploads images. The teams are given a series of fun challenges that help them socialise and get to know each other and members of other teams. The game is run indoors with a duration of 45-60 minutes.

What is included in the game?

-Bond and get to know new people
-Solve trivia together
-Be creative and build stuff together
-Collaborate and solve tricky challenges
-Find hidden codes under time pressure
-Enjoy fun photo challenges

Why Mingle Game?

-Helps people mingle in a fun way
-Perfect for large groups
-Can be run anywhere in around an hour


Setting: Is run indoors
Time: 45-60 minutes
Group: 40-1000
Price:  £25pp – minimum cost £2000
Activity type: Fun and easy going

Discounts are offered for multiple bookings per day. Our staff will take care of everything. Our pre-programmed tablets are used on site.

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Do you have experience of very large groups?

Yes, the the Mingle Game is perfect for large groups and we run the game for +300 people all the time.

Can we cancel the team activity?

Under certain circumstances yes. Please ask for our cancellation policy.

Is the team building game an app we download ourselves?

No, we provide tablets with the game already downloaded.

Can the activity be run in the evening?

Yes, we are happy to help out after office hours.

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