Music Experience

A fun music game for company meetings or dinners

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Breaks the ice

2x15 min.
£25 p.p

The energiser that’s all about music

How Music Experience works

This team activity lets your co-workers enjoy music and solve trivia questions, either as an energiser during a meeting or while having dinner or drinks.

The game is designed to entertain, bring out laughter and initiate fun discussions. It’s the perfect icebreaker!

Walk down memory lane and enjoy fun and lively teamwork

Played on tablets in teams of 3-5 people, the game is run in two rounds. As the music is played the teams travel from the 1970’s all the way up to the 2010’s, including David Bowie, Whitney Houston, Destiny’s Child and Sia. All the major music genres are covered, ensuring everyone in a diverse team can contribute.

The trivia really puts your memory to the test and key to winning is good team work. The game can be played anywhere, even while having dinner.

What you get out of the activity

-Create a great team atmosphere
-Everyone can partake and contribute
-Perfect ice breaker at the meeting or during dinner and drinks


Setting: Indoors
When: At meeting as ice breaker, or during drinks & dinner
How: The music is played on loud speakers, the teams compete using tablets
 2×15  minutes
Group: Any number of participants
Price: £25 pp – minimum cost £750
Activity type: Ice breaker

Discounts are offered for multiple bookings per day. Our staff will take care of everything. Our pre-programmed tablets are used on site.

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